Kamis, 31 Maret 2011

Four Reasons Men Fear Married

Kakong - The men claim to love their partner and want to spend their entire lives with him. But if you talk about marriage, they contend are not ready. As a result, many women who complain.

Here are some reasons men fear marriage:

1. They are afraid to be tied to anything. Men love their freedom they have enjoyed since childhood. A woman in life is they who have created the boundary. If an affair is a commitment, marriage is binding and has rules. Marriage is a lifelong commitment and men do not usually want to plan their future. This is what men think.

Second 2.Alasan why men do not want to get married is because they are afraid of responsibility. Marriage in any society is a greater responsibility for men. Family and his wife depend on it. Even if his wife works, he still has a greater responsibility towards the family. Men fear failure in marriage.

3. Women can compromise on their personal space, but he never will. They love their space, which may be breached after marriage. So, to keep the room, men do not want to get married.

4.Pria always confused between career and family. According to their marriage makes it more difficult to balance career with personal life. Especially when men in jobs with high profile, they do not want to compromise with their success and turned their attention to the commitment of marriage.

The debate between men and women are always about who is better, but ultimately they have to spend a life together. Men and women end up falling in love with their differences, but whether the differences and the demands can cause problems in the future This is a big question that makes a man do not want to get married. (MEL / oneindia.in).

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