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Traits that are difficult or slow female orgasm

Characteristic of women who experience orgasm satisfaction indicated by the shape of each woman's body as indicators of rapid or difficult to reach orgasm. Before that let us see some signs of women who experience orgasm satisfaction that with the emergence of "death" of the members of his body that made her eyes seemed like the eyes of a yarbu (a type of rat), as if she seems sleepy.
By the time he was having an orgasm, her face would look grim, his body began to shiver, his forehead was sweaty, her joints began to slacken, and his breathing more and hunt.
It is said that at first, as mentioned previously, that the shape of each woman's body could actually be an indicator of speed in reaching orgasm. Of course you will be wondering what the characteristics of women's right to show fast or slow in reaching orgasm.
Apparently, the woman with the posture, tall and slim would quickly have an orgasm, while women with short and squat posture will experience delays in reaching orgasm while the women who have posture mediocre stature, he is not accelerating or slowing down nor when she would have an orgasm.
Characteristics of women having an orgasm fastIn a book called Arabic Kamasutra, Muhammad al-Baz has described the characteristics of women who will be quick in the process of reaching orgasm, the body shape women who have nipples that stand out and is a bit long, if the woman is standing and then pressed her thighs, it will show both of them will not stick, and also between his thighs when attached to an empty slot or not there is a meeting; clit more hidden; fat in the body is a bit mushy; palm of his hand appears to be more wide; her body look slender and tall; skin look very white; this woman often glance; when he saw something, then he would not blink his eyes, and he also likes food that is hot.
Traits that are difficult or slow female orgasmMohamed Al-Baz mengatalkan, "Each of the women has a characteristic," she later described how the characteristics of women experiencing slow in reaching orgasm. "His body will look short; both his nipples do not stand out, when he stood upright it will show both thighs will stick between his thigh and will not crack because there is a meeting; vagina seen more clearly and also prominent; stomach will slightly more distended; both 'tits' round and closer together; skin feels hard; both legs also look dry; navel slightly concave, shorter back, his voice louder and he likes to relax more fun, do not want to do the job that make weary; and the like and eat fatty foods, "he said.
Well, whether you agree with that assessment? [Fenz / yaiyalah]
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